What we cover

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Discovery and Goal Setting

Do you know what your practice potential is?

• We'll help you implement the the 360° Practice Development Plan - this plan will analyze your current situation and we'll startegize with you on how to improve in key areas that will transform your practice.

Discover your Business Potential

Is your team maximizing their talents and skills in the practice?

• We provide a workshop on recognizing behavior types and how to capitalize on them. Additionally, we'll help you learn the proper way to use CDT Codes with insurance claims.

Key Performance Indicator Analysis

What do you measure in the practice to evaluate progress toward your goals?

• We will help you identify the important numbers to track with the right reports. This information will allow you to drive the results that will help you reach your goals.

Continuing Care

How do patients know when and why to come back to your practice?

• Learn to maximize your practice management software capabilities to provide the right care at the right time.

• Learn how to build continuing care into patient communication.

Schedule Optimization

Are your patients being scheduled in the most efficient and profitable way?

• Learn how to use Dentrix to close costly scheduling gaps and reduce the number of missed appointments.

Insurance and Collections

How accurate are your insurance and patient portion estimates?

• Explore how Dentrix tools can help reduce bad debt and identify problem accounts as well as streamline insurance management, patient payment production and collection processes.

Building a Life Saving Hygiene Department

Do patients understand the total health benefit you provide then with hygiene care?

• We'll teach you how to communicate with your patients about periodontal disease without triggering litigation and how to identify the proper way to sequence periodontal treatment.

Production and Case Acceptance

What tools are you using to effectively present treatment to your patients?

• Learn how treatment plans are presented, accepted and rejected to help you measure, manage and track overall patient acceptance.

Maximizing Your Standard of Care

Do your patients know what you offer through your practice?

• We will help you find new ways to reach out to your community through various marketing methods.

• We'll empower your team to be agents for your practice.

Going Paperless

Are you efficiently working in a paperless environment?

• Learn how Dentrix can aide and enhance in your conversion to a paperless business and by doing so, you can improve your efficiencies by reducing office costs and paper clutter.

Patient Referral Management

What tools are you using to collect and manage referrals?

• Focus on patient referrals, increasing customer loyalty and manage patietn information more effectively.

Protecting Your Team

Is your team trained in compliance and safety?

• Certify your team and become OSHA and HIPPA compliant to satisfy your annual requirement. This will safeguard your practice from violations and accidents.