Patient Testimonials

Dr. Ward's reconstruction of my dental work has done more for my overall health than all of the medical doctors I've seen over the years. Three recurrent infections cleared up immediately and have stayed clear for over ten years. Dr. Ward is an essential member of my health care team.”

Thanks for all you do!

— A. E. Jerome, PhD, CCH

“It has been my great pleasure to refer my patients to Dr. Frank Ward and his wonderful staff. He is a knowledgeable and caring professional; his perfectionism is appreciated and valued. I always know that my patients are well taken care of and he and his office understand the importance of the whole body approach to natural healing. Dr. Ward and his staff are an integral part of my arsenal to help our patients find their way back to health. I highly recommend Dr. Ward and his efficient staff, without any reservations.”

— Dr. Donna Johnston, AP Healing Alternatives

“For at least three decades, my teeth have been painful and bothersome. Increasingly, the enamel sloughed off or was worn away. Dentists have done everything from root canals and fillings to fluoride treatment to help with my sensitivity. My general health continued to deteriorate along with my energy level. Nobody ever took the time to find out why my teeth were in such bad shape and if that alone could be causing so many health problems. I have always been fastidious about oral hygiene, brushing and flossing exactly as my dentists instructed, so my poor dental health was especially frustrating.

When my teeth finally got so bad I dreaded drinking or eating anything, I went to a periodontist who suggested that I see Dr. Frank Ward. I learned that Dr. Ward specializes in tough dental cases, the kind that most other dentists simply shake their heads at or accept the challenge but do more harm than good.

Dr. Ward talked to me about my general health and the effect of bad teeth on my energy level. He discussed dental materials compatibility and nutrition. He outlined and comprehensive dental revision which would take more than a year, but would, he assured me, give me a pain free mouth and beautiful teeth. And, best of all, he was certain that my mysterious skin rashes, poor energy levels and multiple health problems would all improve. He was right! I now have beautiful teeth and no sensitivity at all. I have gained some weight and gained some muscle working out at the gym. I look better, feel better and have gained a more optimistic perspective on life.

I hate to think what my body and my mouth would be like now if I had not found Dr. Ward. Many people use the term Godsend too casually so that the word has lost its meaning. To me, Dr. Ward has truly been a Godsend.”

— W. Rutland

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